Table of cannulas

Here you find a list of all possible variations of cannulas.

Rollable Stand

The STAND is a mobile device carrier. It’s equipped with a bottom shelf and a top shelf, on which different devices can be mounted. The STAND comes with 4 antistatic rolls, from which 2 are lockable

 4122 Stativ WEB


Ref. 1898

The SANICAR is a mobile device trolley for transporting or carrying a maximum of 3 devices. It is equipped with three bottom trays, an optional hanger rod for a bottle and a multiple socket outlet with 3 sockets and an illuminated main switch. Four suction jars can be adapted on the top tray or some similar accessories. The SANICAR comes with antistatic rolls from which two are lockable.

 1898 Sanicar 2013 WEB

Single use Tube 4m

Sterile, disposable tube, length 4 m, to connect the conform canula handpiece with the jar lid of the suction bottle. Tube diameter, inner/outer, is 5 mm/8 mm.6026 Schlauchset Konformkanuele WEB

Change over switch

Simple to use change over switch for the use of 2 suction bottle on Vacuson 40 or Vacuson 60 as a double bottle pump - Item #4130

                                                                                              4130 Absaugweiche RGB

Suction cups

Suction cups for Obstetrics use with a diameter of 60 mm (4053) or 70 mm (4054)

4053 60mm 4054 70mm Saugglocken WEB

Foot regulator extractor

Foot regulator for Extractor Pump with 2 meters of silicon tube including connectors on both ends.

 4242 Fusspedal Extractorpumpe WEB

Suction tube

Sterilizable Silicone Pump Tube, 2 meters for Vacuson 40/60. Tube diameter, inner/outer, is 8 mm/11 mm.

4076 Absaug Pumpenschlauch WEB

Rinsing goblet

Rinsing goblet with connection module to connect with the Sanicar (1898), the Stand (4122) or the Vacuson 40, 60 or 60 LP.


4043 Spuelbecher WEB

Bacteria filter

Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter for Vacuson 18/40/60 and 60LP. Change periodically every 8 hours of work or immediately when foam builds up. 
4246 einzeln oh Schatten WEB

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