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5 liter Secretion Jar

4245 Sekretflasche 5L ohne Deckel WEBSuction bottle with a capacity of 5 liter for Vacuson 40/60 and 60LP. Applicable with jar lid 4058.

2 liter Secretion Jar

4052 Sekretflasche 2L ohne Deckel WEB

Suction bottle with a capacity of 2 liter for Vacuson 40/60 and 60LP. Applicable with jar lid 4058.

Secretion Jar Lid for 2/5 liter bottles

4058 Complete Char Lid WEB

Jar lid with overflow safety device for 2 liter and 5 liter bottles for Vacuson 40/60 and 60LP.

Secretion Jar 1.5 liter with Jar Lid

4033 Absaugflasche Vac18 WEB

Complete Suction bottle with Jar Lid for Vacuson 18. Graduated jar with 1.5 and 2.0 liter capacity. Bottle and jar lid are also available separately, according to the pictures at the right.

liter Secretion Jar

4049 Absaugflasche Vac18 WEB

Article-Nr.: 4049: 1.5 liter Secretion Jar 
Article-Nr.: 4094: 2.0 liter Secretion Jar for Vacuson 18

Secretion Jar System, 2.0 liter, disposable



4030 Monokit komplett 2013 WEB

4035 Monokit 2014 WEB

Graduated Jar


Monokit consisting of disposable liquid bag with jar lid, retaining fixture and graduated jar for Vacuson 40/60 and 60 LP. Graduated jar with 2.0 liter capacity. Airvalve is hydrophobic of GORE with SMOKE protection. Disposable liquid bag with jar lid in a box of 50 pieces and graduated jar are also separately available.

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