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The laboratory was established since 1998. Our technicians are experts in electronics, mechanics, and computers technology. ISO 9001:2015 In addition, the technicians have successfully finished the NOUVAG and ANTHOGYRr repairing advanced studies.

Our company is engaged in the provision of medical and dental services and repairs such as turbines, contra-angles, air/electric motors, scaler units, sterilization equipment, implantology systems and surgery bone cutting systems. The laboratory repairs the dental and medical equipment of all the leading companies in the world, including: NSK, W&H, KAVO, OSADA, SIRONA, BIEN-AIR, MK-DENT, NOUVAG, ANTHOGYR and as well as many others.

DES company is working according to ISO 9001. It provides professionalism, high quality, fast and caring service. We serve Hospitals as well as private clinics. Our laboratory is staffed with technicians and offers its clients on site service of dental or medical devices in clinics and collects instruments for repair. We check the devices and provide a price quotes for repairs at no cost. We can offer the replacement of generic parts that are made in America or Europe and have high standard of quality.

The customer has a choice of choosing a completely new original part or a generic part that we are glad to provide.

The representatives of the company will be delighted to provide you with its services too!

medical and dental equipment service

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