Sternum saw

Sternum saw

SKU: NO-3704


  • Use with a special saw blade which matches the length of the protective bracket.
  • Enables very precise cuts and smooth control.
  • Ideally suited for use with coolant.
  • Tool-free tensioning of the saw blade through the protective bracket.
  • Lock function.

Technical Data
Dimensions, handpiece without attachements: 217 x 93 x 197 mm
Infinitely adjustable speed; Position I: 0 - 6000 rpm
Infinitely adjustable speed; Position II: 0 - 6500 rpm
Power supply: Li-Ion accumulator
Protection class: B, EN 60601-1
Stroke: 4.0 mm
Typical time for recharching: < 90 min
Weight, handpiece with Power-Pack: 1750 g

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