Osteo Safe

Osteo Safe



The 1st automatic osteotome on the market !

Osteo Safe®* is indicated for crestal approach sinus lifts and bone condensation in the upper jaw. This unique solution ensures comfort for the patient and improved stress management, providing the practitioner with a perfectly executed, reproducible movement that is 100% effective.

OSTEO SAFE® provides enhanced safety and comfort for the patient, resulting in better treatment acceptance.

Greater peace of mind for the practitioner with OSTEO SAFE®. The controlled impaction achievable for this delicate procedure allows for minimally invasive and totally safe bone preparation.

OSTEO SAFE® ensures precision and saves time. The simple, short and progressive sequence of 4 diameters of osteotomes means that AXIOM® implants can be placed during the same surgical procedure.

OSTEO SAFE® can be held in one hand, offering enhanced visibility during surgery and allowing the practitioner to fully focus on the surgical procedure.

OSTEO SAFE® is unique as it is the first pre-calibrated impaction instrument that connects directly to a micromotor.

A free tailored programme has been developed for Anthogyr IMPLANTEO® surgical motor owners.

Sold as a complete kit in its surgical sterilisation cassette containing, 16 osteotome inserts (straight and bayonet, concave and convex insert tips), 1 manual screwdriver and accessories (mandrel and mandrel extension).

Technical Data
Speed range: Motor speed setting at 15000 rpm (max)

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